Monday, May 23, 2016

#RumEducation: Keep the Bajan Punch in Your Back Pocket!

Every Bartender Should Know This Drink and Its Story

As part of my contract with the Authentic Caribbean Rum #RumEducation program, I was asked to write a piece about rum. At the time I was working on a new menu for Elixir and I wanted to put the Bajan Punch on the Classics Menu, as I had been making it for myself a lot. Here's the story behind that great classic drink. And as with any classic, I've done several spins on it. The Bajan Love Punch is one I just had on the Elixir Spring Menu, and I'll share it below. Basically, for spring, I infused the rum with some chamomile to give it a floral character, and I sweetened it with some Disaronno for a nuttiness that both compliments the rum and the chamomile. 

Here's the article I wrote that speaks to the history and true Barbados connection of this great and simple punch that every bartender should know. Be sure to register on the ACR website and when the program gets refunded later this year, you'll hear from us! I hope to be back on the road teaching the glories of Authentic Caribbean Rum soon! 

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Bajan Love Punch

1.5oz Chamomile-infused Mt. Gay Black Barrel Rum
1oz Disaronno
1oz Lime
.5oz demerara syrup
Lime wheel

Add all ingredients to a shaker, fill with ice, shake well and strain over fresh ice in a bucket glass. Garnish with a lime wheel. 
To make the infusion: Steep ¼ cup chamomile flowers into one 750ml bottle of rum for 24 hours and strain out with cheese cloth.

Photos: Jonathan Fong, all rights reserved