Monday, June 25, 2007

Pedregal Margarita anyone?

Ok, here's my second attempt at a blog. I didn't like MySpace, so I'm trying Blogger. I'm also going to try a different approach. A bit more casual and less wordy. I'm simply too busy to write a lot, but it is the things that keep me busy that I want to write about. The old Catch 22 (not a bad cocktail name...hmm....)

So I was in Cabo San Lucas a couple of weeks ago for my buddy Heming's bachelor party. Man was that fun. We rented a couple of houses up in Pedregal, and ours had an infinity pool with an amazing view of the private beach. And what's more is it had a bar behind that pool with the same view! So, what did I do? I went to the local market and bought a ton of fresh fruit, some great tequila and went to work.

When I travel with friends they always ask me to make drinks. And if they don't I force them to drink them anyway. So in this case, I was with 20 guys in Mexico and they're all drinking beer. I said, "tough shit, your drinking good tequila cocktails while I'm here."

Now, I was not traveling with my full bar kit, just a limited set of tools. But the idea here is that when you go on vacation, you don't need much. A good spirit, some fresh fruit, orange liqueur, a sweetener, and maybe some herbs, like mint or basil. I spent $100 at the market and served 20 for 3 hours. (OK, so the tequila shots shortened my ability to make cocktails).

Point of the story: Don't settle for less when you go on vacation. Although we were in Mexico (or Southern Southern California, as I prefer to call Cabo - they charge you in dollars and speak to you in English) I had some of the worst margaritas of my life. The place is so commercialized that THEY barely know what fresh lime tastes like. All you need is what I said above:

fresh fruit
a quality spirit
a modifying spirit
a sweetener

and, voila: you have fresh cocktails to go with your beautiful views, good friends, and peaceful sunsets.

Pedregal Margarita

2-3 big spoonfuls of watermelon
3 strawberries
juice of 1/2 lime
2 teaspoons of powdered sugar OR 1/2oz simple syrup OR 1/4oz agave nectar
(they had powdered sugar in the cabinet at our rental)
1.5 -2 oz 100% Blue Agave Tequila (I prefer blanco or reposado, depending on the brand - in this case I used one of my favorites: Corralejo Reposado )
1/2 oz Cointreau

Muddle the fruit with whatever is available (wooden spoon, back of the handle of another kitchen tool, bottom of a tall glass). Add the other ingredients and top with ice. Shake hard for good dilution. Strain over fresh ice or serve "country style" with all of the chunks in it.

Damn that's good.

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That sounds delish! I'm gonna whip some up this weekend.